Managing White Mold in Soybeans

Channel Seedsman Keith Gunderson discusses tips for managing white mold in soybeans.

Key Takeaways:
  • Check the white mold tolerance score when selecting products.

  • Check your management practices and consider utilizing wider rows.

How has the ability to manage white mold in soybeans provided benefit to your farm?

So in my area in northwest Wisconsin, white mold is a very prevalent disease that we have. And the biggest way I've talked with growers, you know, and everybody's kind of looking for that magical answer of how do we just get rid of this? There's no one reason. Unfortunately, we haven't found the cure-all for it. But a lot of it is starting right with the seed that you're selecting and looking at the ratings that they give for white mold scores on that, selecting something that's, you know, a little more resistant to white mold, and then the management practices that you have out in the field. So that could be putting it at wider rows. If you're normally doing drill beans, maybe you gotta go back to row beans, and more airflow through the canopy, different herbicide treatments so that we maybe almost knock some of the leaves off the plants and open it up a little bit. And then just knowing that disease cycle a little bit, and knowing when the time for your different fungicides.

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