Off-Season Preparation for Fertility Management​​​​​​​

Channel Seedsman Andrew Phillips from Schaller, Iowa, explains how he helps farmers prepare for fertility management in the off-season.

Key Points

  • Soil sampling is an essential part of creating a fertility plan
  • Seedsmen create a fertility plan that is customized to each of their farmers’ fields

What do you do in the off-season to help farmers prepare for fertility management?

In the off-season, what we do to prepare for fertility management is we really sit down with the grower and we look at his own fertility. This is not a flat one-size-fits-all program. Every farm is different. Every farmer does things differently. So our big deal with fertility is we like to soil sample. And when we soil sample, we get that snapshot of what that field looks like. And then from there, we tailor that plan in the off-season. And, if we can implement it in the fall before things get, you know, too cold, we will. But if we can implement it in the spring to get it started, and then throughout the growing season. Every field is different, every farmer is different, and so it really starts with soil sampling in my opinion.​​​​

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