Prepare for Planting​

Channel Seedsman Brady Bishop, from Salem, IN explain how he develops a plan with his growers to help prepare them for planting season. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing a plan for planting means utilizing as much information as possible about a grower’s operation
  • Soil temperature and soil moisture play a major role in placing products on a grower’s field

How do you help growers prepare for planting?

Whenever I'm saying out there with a grower before planting season to try to get a plan together for their operation, I generally try to get as much information from them as I can because I feel that the more information I can get from them about their operation, how they decide to go, you know, which fields they go to, how early like to push envelope as far as, you know, soil temperature, soil moisture helps me do a better job at placing the right products in the right situations for them because in turn, that will help them, you know, become better, have better yields, and be more successful. So generally, I'll sit down with the guys that are on the planter, whether it'd be one guy runs both, brothers, or whoever and just have those questions, you know, written down and try to record as much information as I can because, like I said, I feel that that's very important in a guy's operation.​​​

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