Preparing Your Planter For Planting Season​

Channel Seedsman Eric Frank, from Lebanon, IN, explains his tips for helping growers prepare their planters for planting season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure to closely inspect your planter before getting out in the field
  • Work with your Channel Seedsman to identify any hidden issues before getting out in the field

How can growers prepare their planters for planting season?

Being a Channel dealer, one of the bigger things that we look at, when I go step on and talk to a grower before he hits the field, is I want to know how his planter's going to operate. There is a lot of problems, the way that a lot of planters are set up, that guys don't really recognize. One of the bigger ones that we come into, is sometimes we'll actually see no till cutter disc actually set deeper than what the seed blade disc would be. Well, that's a big problem on that side of it because now we actually have a false seed depth. One of the other things that we really start to look for is how is our shimming on our disc, because the most important pass that we are ever going to make as farmers, is that first planter pass. If we don't get that right, it doesn't matter what we do from then on.

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