Prepping Key Acres for Harvest

Channel Seedsman John Fabian discusses the steps he follows during the Maturity Stage of the Field Check Up Series.

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Key Takeaways:

  • It's important to calibrate and test all equipment to ensure a successful harvest. 
  • Make sure your combine is adjusted correctly and the concaves are level. Adjust the chaffer and grain shoes. 
  • Make sure your yield sensors get calibrated so yield maps accurately reflect what's in the field.
How has the ability to utilize the Field Check Up Series provided benefit to your farm?

Throughout Field Check Up Series, in the harvest part of the season, I like to go out and take a ride in the pickup with each of my growers and look at their key acres that they want to make sure they gather optimal yields off of. Everybody has that favorite acre that they want to make sure does well. So let's go out, test our grain moisture there, figure out how many days to when the combine needs to be there, and make sure that we can plan the operation around those acres specifically. So we look at that.

The next thing that you want to do is make sure that your combine is adjusted correctly. So oftentimes, in the evening we'll go into the shop, we'll look at combines, make sure concaves are level and adjusted correctly. We'll talk about adjusting the chaffers and the grain shoes depending on which combine that you have. And then the last thing that we will try to do, which is a first thing when we start combining, is make sure that our yield sensors get calibrated effectively so that we know that our yield maps are reflecting truly what's accurately in the field.

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