Preventing and Managing Soybean Aphids

Channel Seedsman Kirby Hettver discusses his tips for managing and preventing soybean aphids in this agronomy advice.

Key Takeaways:
  •  When populations look like they are building up, scouting should take place every three to four days.
  • Getting treatment on soybean seed is beneficial to early season growth.

What are your tips for managing and preventing Soybean Aphids?

So that late part of July, early August, we really, through the Field Check Up Series, go out and do a lot of scouting for aphids. You know, we encourage any farmer that's not a current customer to go out and check as well. We like to go out and scout pretty hard every three to four days, kinda, when populations look like they're building. And one of the things that we found through the scouting and tracking of what growers had planted, is that treatment early on, before you plant, for a lot of our guys it saved them a pass for treating aphids last year. And the year before, the same thing. So, we're encouraging growers to consider getting treatment on their soybean seed. Not only is it good for early season growth, but again, we start to look at the considerations for aphid spraying and we're sure seeing an advantage.

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