Preventing Soybean Pod Shatter

Channel Seedsman Dan Rohde from Hubbard, Nebraska explains his recommended management strategies to prevent soybean pod shatter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spreading maturities out on the beans is a recommended strategy to prevent soybean pod shatter.
  • The expansion and contraction of the pod due to the wet and dry conditions throughout the growing season causes stress to the soybean.

What management strategies do you recommend to prevent soybean pod shatter?

As we go through a normal season of dry, wet, dry, wet, as that pod actually is expanding and contracting, at some point it cannot take the stress of that after a while, once you get to the point of four beans a square foot you're at a bushel loss already at that point. Guys cannot afford to take huge losses, and that's why we recommend spreading maturities out on the beans. Nobody can harvest that fast. I wanna see guys with something that they can start on right away and get going and then a bean that's gonna stand there and wait for the next two weeks for them to get there.​​

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