Preventing Sudden Death Syndrome

Seedsman Josh Stamp of Belle Plaine, Iowa, discusses what time of year sudden death syndrome develops and how to prevent it.


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Key Takeaways:
  • Sudden death syndrome develops through the soil in springtime in planting. 

  • Best way to prevent sudden death syndrome is going in when conditions are correct and make sure what you are planting is very defensive against it.

What time of year does sudden death syndrome develop in farmers’ fields, and how can they prevent it?

Sudden Death Syndrome is developed through the soil in the springtime in planting. So, more and more, we're having our growers go out earlier and earlier to achieve optimum yield with soybeans. And by doing that, sometimes we have some wetter soils. Growers are getting bigger. We're going out there as fast as we can at times, which is not the best conditions. But we have to cover several acres, so they're going through that. Late summer, you'll start seeing sudden death come on and see brown leaves. But the best thing you can do to prevent it is going in when conditions are correct. If we know you have had sudden death before, it's prevalent in the area, it's our job to make sure you have a soybean that is very defensive against sudden death, and then we're also applying ILeVO® for seed treatment. It's the best way to fight it.

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