Recommended Cover Crops for Eastern Nebraska​​​

Channel Seedsman Colby Woods from eastern Nebraska explains what cover crops he recommends to growers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cover crops can promote soil health by breaking up compaction and retaining moisture
  • Cover crops can also play a role in a comprehensive weed management plan

What cover crops do you recommend to growers in your area?

When helping a grower decide cover crops, that's something that's kind of really taken off in our area, Eastern Nebraska, pretty recently. A lot of the guys, they are using a combination of a rye with a turnip and some African cabbages. And what we're using those for is really to help break up soil compaction when need be and just bring up the soil nutrition and just the complete health of it. Because, you know, if there's something growing there continuously all year round and the guys are really seeing the benefit whether it be weed suppression to helping keep moisture in the soil for the coming spring.​​​​​​

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