Recommended Strategies for Goss’s Wilt​​

Channel Seedsman Matt Hasenauer, from North Platte, Nebraska, shares his management strategies for controlling Goss's wilt.

Key Takeaways

  • A great defense against Goss’s wilt is by product selection and doing a good job of screening products.
  • The screening process includes going through all inbreds and hybrids and scoring.

What management strategies do you recommend for Goss’s Wilt?

Goss's wilt has been a longstanding issue for my area. In fact, Goss's wilt was originally found right near my home town. It's a disease that kind of comes and goes. Last year was not a heavy pressure year. The year before was very heavy. And I think it's easy for growers to kind of get lulled to sleep and not really pay attention to what is out there because there really is no chemical options to treat Goss's wilt effectively. Our best defense against Goss's wilt is by product selection and making sure that we're doing a good job of screening products. Monsanto has the best screening process that I've seen right there in Gothenburg, Nebraska. They're going through all of the inbreds and hybrids and scoring, and I think they do just such a fantastic job that we really need to make sure we utilize all that information that we're gathering and transmitting that to our growers so that they know which products to plant.​

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