Recommended Tillage Practices

Channel Seedsman Dusty McCormick from Crook, Colorado, discusses what tillage practices he recommends to farmers in his area.

Key Takeaways


  • Strip tillage creates a nice area for a seed bed.
  • Strip tillage gives the seed the optimal chance to come out of the ground.

What tillage practices do you recommend to growers in your area?

As a seedsman, I want every seed I sell my growers to grow. I don't want to sell them a stand of... to ask them to plant 32,000 and have 31,500 come up. I want 32,000 to come up, whatever that may be. So, and I think that's where residue management is huge. Another tillage practice that's probably really helped a lot of growers in the west to accomplish some of the things that deep tillage does do as far breaking up hardpans and creating a nice area for a seed bed is strip tillage. I really enjoy my farmers that use strip tillage. Their ability to place fertilizer and really give that seed the optimal chance to come out of the ground. And then once it gets up and gets rolling, there's already a fertility bed laid underneath of it where they can really just get up and go.

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