Reducing Yield Losses from Soybean Pod Shatter​

Channel Seedsman Dan Rohde, from Hubbard, Nebraska explains how to reduce yield loss from soybean pod shatter.

Reducing Yield Losses from Soybean Pod Shatter​

  • Reel speed can help reduce yield loss caused by pod shatter.
  • Slowing down just a mile an hour can potentially save two to three bushels an acre.

How can you reduce yield losses in a field with soybean pod shatter?

The only way to really reduce yield losses when you're looking at pod shatter currently in the field is you can actually focus on your equipment at that point. Reel speed, how they're setting the angle of their reel, how they're running the head, how fast they're moving through the field. These are all things that they're gonna have to take some time and slow down a little bit and probably try to do a better job. Guys like to get things done as timely as possible, but i's becoming a problem because sometimes slowing down a mile an hour can save them two to three bushel an acre, and every dollar counts right now.​

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