Saving Input Costs With Soil Testing

Featured Seedsman: Matt Everhart, Kansas 


Learn from Channel Seedsman Matt Everhart on how soil testing can save input costs on a grower’s field.


Key Takeaways:

  • Soil testing can show growers where bad spots on their farm are located and why.

  • Soil testing can prevent over-applying fertilizer and lime.

How can soil testing help save input costs on a grower’s field?

We've definitely seen instances where they had regular soil samples done maybe by a co-op. And then we came and did precision ag, grid soil sampling, and we saved the guys tremendously. Their inputs are just based on putting in the right place where it needs to go and not over-applying where they don't need to over-apply any kind of lime or fertilizer. It seems like every time we go to a field, there's always a surprise or an "aha" moment that customers… they've known their fields for years. They maybe know there's a bad spot on that field, but they don't know why. So it's those moments when I really enjoy my job, that we're getting to help a producer be better at what he does.

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