Scouting for Black Cutworm​​​​

Channel Seedsman Brad Veale, from Union Star, MO, explains when you should start scouting for black cutworms in your fields. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Black cutworms begin cutting after approximately 300 growing degree days from planting
  • Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions products can help protect against black cutworm

What are your tips for scouting for black cutworm?

You can start to see that after we've had about 300 growing degree days after planting is when they can start cutting, so you're looking at probably late May to early June. You're going to start seeing plants cut off or fed on the at the leaf. That's the little ones. They are big enough to actually cut the plant off. The good thing is with the Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions insecticide, it takes very little of that little worm to ingest of that insecticide for it to kill that pest. Later in the season, you're going to start seeing bigger worms and maybe some plants that are cut off, and usually if you see three percent cut, plants, that's when it's time to come in and put down the insecticide.

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