Scouting for Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome​​

Channel Seedsman Les Wankel, from Petersburg, Illinois, shares his tips for scouting and identifying soybean sudden death syndrome.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure to scout for sudden death syndrome beginning in late July.
  • Your Channel Seedsman can help you select the right products for fields with a history of soybean sudden death syndrome.

How do you scout for soybean sudden death syndrome?

Sudden death normally will rear its head in soybean fields late July to mid-August. And really the most effective way to go out there and see if that is a problem is if you look at the leaf on a mature soybean plant, the veins of the leaf itself will be very dark green. But in between the veins, the plant will be a yellow or kind of a light yellow. And there are some other diseases that could be, but typically that's going to be sudden death. The problem is there is nothing you can do about that in August. So you need to be proactive in terms of your selection of products that you're going to place in certain conditions, and Channel has an outstanding line-up of products that can handle those kind of stressors.​​

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