Soybean Disease Risks Maps

For period of Aug 28 Sept 26, Date of Issue: August 29, 2021
Closeup ofreen leaves of soybean plant, agricultural landscape
One-Month Weather Outlook

Over the next 30 days normal to above-normal temperatures will dominate the Corn Belt except for cooler conditions in the northwestern corner.  Rainfall will be normal to higher than normal.  During the next weeks precipitation will be higher than normal for most of Corn Belt. Temperatures will be above normal in week one and normal in week two. 

Frogeye Leaf Spot Risk Summary

The risk of this disease remains moderate to high east of the Missouri River and south of I-90. 

Next 2-week risk interpretation 

During the next two weeks weather conditions are favorable or moderately favorable for FLS in the southcentral parts of the Corn Belt.  Scout susceptible cultivars in at-risk areas, and if fresh disease lesions are observed on the upper leaves, consider a fungicide treatment if the plants have not reached R5 growth stage. 

Frogeye Leaf Spot, Cerospora sojina, fungus
Frogeye Map Northern US
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