Soybean Lodging

Channel Seedsman Frank Miklozek offers expert advice for preventing soybean lodging in your fields.

Key Takeaways:
  • Overplanting and disease complexes can cause soybean lodging in your field. 

  • Optimizing planting populations can reduce the risk for lodging at harvest.

How has the ability to manage white mold in soybeans provided benefit to your farm?

Couple things that can cause soybean lodging, one is overplanting. If you're planting beans too thick, they'll get too tall, and then they'll fall over because of the weight of the pods and the beans. The second thing would be a disease complex. This year we had frog eye with some stink bugs. That causes undo stress on the plants, so we had some charcoal rot come in and it becomes a disease complex, ate the roots off, and the beans lodged.

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