Soybean Seed Treatment Options for 2019​

As harvest activities for 2018 near completion, soybean growers should turn their attention to the 2019 crop plan and place their seed orders for next year. In previous years, their product selection focused on the maturity that best fit their operation, yield potential and past performance, and characteristics that help protect each product from yield-limiting pests, diseases and weeds. Today, those thoughts and considerations remain very important; however, additional consideration should be given to the many seed-applied products that can provide additional yield opportunities in every field. Many of these options are available in both the upstream and downstream treating process. Some of these options offered by the Acceleron® portfolio include:

NemaStrike™ Technology – A breakthrough nematicide that provides broad-spectrum control of soybean cyst nematodes for up to 75 days and protects soybean yield potential from this common pest. This product has shown an average yield protection advantage of 2.2 bu/acre over Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions base offering (N = 138 locations, AR, GA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MD, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NC, ND, OH, SC, SD, TN, VA, WI). Results will vary based on nematode pressure in each field.

Acceleron® B-200 SAT – A product that contains plant-derived flavonoids to help enhance nutrient uptake and provide additional yield opportunities.

Optimize® XC and TagTeam® LCO XC Technologies – Dual-and-triple-action soybean inoculants that contain specially selected rhizobia inoculants with the proven performance of LCO (lipochitooligosaccharides) molecules which provide enhanced nutrient capabilities and nodule formation.

Acceleron® E-007 SAT – A finishing product that enhances seed coating appearance and improves seed flow through seed handling and planting equipment.

When combined with the industry’s most complete fungicide and insecticide treatments from Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions™, these products can enhance and improve soybean growers’ field performance in 2019. Options from Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions™ include:

  • Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions BASIC – Fungicides
  • Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD – Insecticide + Fungicides
  • Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD FN with NemaStrike™ Technology – Nematode Control + Fungicides
  • Acceleron​® Seed Applied Solution ELITE with NemaStrike™ Technology – Nematode Control + Insecticide + Fungicides

Also available is ILeVO Technology®, which is a seed treatment that provides suppression for sudden death syndrome which is now common in many soybean fields across the Midwest.

See your Channel Seedsman about these and other yield-improving ideas for your soybean acres in 2019.

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