Starter Fertilizer Considerations

Channel Seedsman Andrew Phillips shares advice on product selection and tips for maximizing ROI and minimizing plant injury.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Starter fertilizer can help drive yield performance and profit potential.
  • Product selection, placement and application timing are important factors to consider.
  • Choosing quality products can reduce the risk of plant injury and maximize ROI.
How have starter fertilizers provided benefit to your farm?

In our area, we're trying to take it to the next yield level and profitability level due to the downturn in the economy, so we're looking at a lot of starter fertilizers to really increase the potential on the front side of the crop. You have to be really careful with starter fertilizers, you know, there's polys and there's orthos. If we use the wrong one and we get dry, they can get salty in the furrow and really hurt the germ of those products and create stand issues. So we just have to be really careful with the product quality and make sure that we're applying the right amount. Sometimes, growers make decisions based on price over quality of starter fertilizer. What I like to do is try to help them understand that we can use lower amounts of higher-quality product to benefit them profitability-wise and also to make sure that we reduce the risk they have with the starter fertilizer.

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