Testing the Advantage of QuickRoots® Technology

Channel Seedsman Ben Fast explains how QuickRoots® technology can make nutrients more available in even the toughest soils

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Key Takeaways:

  • Plants respond to QuickRoots (technology) by making efficient use of soil nutrients when applied.
  • The nutrient efficiency can result in an optimized yield potential.
How has the ability to utilize QuickRoots® provided benefit to your farm?

QuickRoots (technology) makes the nutrients in the soil more available to the plant. We've been doing some QuickRoots trials on our farm for the last few years. I'm splitting a planter, taking a variety and doing half QuickRoots, half without, and it seems like on the tougher soils that you maybe needed that more access to nutrients, we saw nice advantage using QuickRoots products. Even when you check the field throughout the growing season, you did see a definite visual difference that did transfer to a yield increase to those hybrids. QuickRoots (technology) is applied. There's a couple options: there's a wettable powder and then there's a dry planter box formulation. So if you're running something through the seed treated, you can add it to that with a seed treater. Or if you just want to have the ease of adding it as you're filling the planter, the planter box, the dry planter box is a great way to add the QuickRoots (technology).

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