The Benefits of Planting Early​​​​

Channel Seedsman Lee Saathoff, from Griswold, IA, explains the benefits of planting soybeans early in the season. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Planting soybeans early can increase yield potential.
  • There are risks that go along with planting soybeans early that Acceleron® Seed Applied solutions can help mitigate

What is the benefit of planting early?

Well, there's a lot of data from universities, from within our own company, in that due to the daylight hours and how soybeans mature and how they put on pods and nodes, that by planting earlier you're gaining more days. More days will allow that plant to set more pods, more nodes, thus higher yields. And so there's really been a big emphasis, if you're looking for that high-end bean number and high yields, that early planting with the seed-applied solutions that we have will allow us to do that and gain those 70-plus bushel yield environments.​​

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