The Value of The Field Check Up Series​​​

Channel Seedsman Justin Boente, from Gruver, Texas, explains the benefits of the working with a Seedsman through the Field Check Up Series. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The Field Check Up Series means your Seedsman is walking your fields even when you cannot be out there with him.
  • The Field Check Up Series ensures that there are eyes on your fields throughout the season.

Why is the Field Check Up Series valuable for growers?

It's basically walking you through every step of planting the seed until harvest. We want to be out there with the customer. If the customer can't be out there, we're going to be doing it on our own, just to make sure that everything is going as well as we planned whenever we placed that product in that field. That we want to be the first one, if there is an issue, we want to be the first one to go to that grower and explain, "Okay, this is what we're seeing out here, this is what we need to do now to try to protect that crop." So that's where I feel the true benefit of the field check-up series is.

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