Value of Using Climate FieldView™ Year-Round​​​

Channel Seedsman Gabe Fiscus from Goldfield, Iowa, explains why he thinks the Climate FieldView ™ Platform is a valuable tool that can be used throughout the year.

Key Takeaways

  • It helps make better-informed decisions about which seed to choose because it stores data that can show you how each seed performed.
  • It does everything in a more timely manner, meaning you can put your planting plan together in the winter.

Why is the Climate FieldView™ Platform a valuable tool that can be used throughout the year?

The Climate FieldView Platform is a useful tool to use throughout the year. You can go back and refresh your memory because a lot of times we get emotional and make decisions at harvest time. With FieldView, you can go back and sit down when it's time to order the seed in November, January, December, whenever you may order your seed and go back and break it down - hybrid, product by product to see which one actually performed better. And then you can often make better informed decisions and maybe say product A was better on this soil type and product B was better on this soil type. So, and then you can just revisit that and then kind of remind yourself. And then you can start by putting your planting plan together in the winter time and that way when you're ready to roll, you can just go to the field and get everything done in a timely fashion.​​​​

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