Scouting for Corn Rootworm

Channel Seedsman Micah Rensink, from Sioux Center, Iowa, talks about what scouting methods to use when identifying corn rootworm.

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Key Takeaways:


  • A key time to do root digs is in June.
  • When digging plants to scout for corn rootworm, dig in a W pattern.


What are your scouting methods for identifying corn rootworm?

So, when you're looking at how to manage rootworm, you need to scout your fields. And that's something where your Channel seedsman can come in handy just to help you through that, as well as walk your fields and tell you what's going on. When I go out into a field, a grower's field, I'm looking for time of year, usually in that June time frame when your fireflies are coming out and things like that. That's a key time to start doing some root digs, start floating your rootworms. You dig a few plants throughout the field, do a W pattern. And when you do that, you go back, get a bucket of water, clean your roots in that bucket, throw some salt in there and it'll let those rootworms float.

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