What Is Corn Tip-Back?

Channel Seedsman Brady Bishop discusses corn tip-back and shares advice for rolling fields.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Corn tip-back and heat stress can damage late-season corn.
  • Population management, variable rate planting and DroughtGard® Hybrids can help prevent tip-back.
  • Your Channel Seedsman can help you assess damage in your fields and plan for next year.


What are some of your late-season observations and how has this provided benefit to your farm?

Some of the late-season stresses that I see while doing a Field Check Up Series, we have a lot of rolling ground and a lot of very light soils, so tip-back can be an issue. Just general heat stress can be very yield-limiting in some of my areas. Some ways to help mitigate this will be using some of our DroughtGard varieties, managing population on those acres, variable rate planting and things of that sort.

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