What to Look for at the Seedling Stage​​​

Channel Seedsman Kirby Hettver, from De Graff, MN, explains what Seedsmen are looking for during the Seedling Stage of the Field Check Up Series. 

Key Takeaways:

  • At the Seedling Stage of the Field Check Up Series, Seedsmen are identifying any deficiencies that a grower will need to address during the growing season.
  • Seedsmen are also walking a grower’s fields to make sure the planter executed correctly during planting.

What are you looking for at the Seedling Stage of the Field Check Up Series?

Seedling Stage Field Check Up, to me, is the most important checkup that we can do during the year. We're just following the application of the most important piece of equipment a farmer owns: his planter. And we're ground-truthing to find out if that planter was truly set up and executing the way it was supposed to. With the seedling feedback on our checkups, we can help them identify any deficiencies that there were so we can come up with a game plan on things that we need to address and fix for the following year.​​

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