What to Look for at the Vegetative Stage​

Channel Seedsman Matt Hasenauer, from North Platte, NE, explains what to look for during the Vegetative Stage of the Field Check Up Series.

Key Takeaways:

  • During the Vegetative Stage Seedsmen are scouting for weeds and pests, looking for nutrient deficiencies, and keeping track of water patterns
  • While growers are extremely busy during the Vegetative Stage, having a Seedsman in your field can bring peace of mind

What are you looking for at the Vegetative Stage of the Field Check Up Series?

You're going to go out there and look for overall health. You can look for nutrient deficiencies, you can look for water patterns that might be developing, maybe there's a problem with the pivot irrigation system. And I think a lot of times people think, well, because it's not complicated maybe this isn't the best time to be out there. But our growers are so busy that time of year, they are running around chasing their irrigation systems, they're trying to get all any fertilizer applications done. They're trying to stay ahead of the crop, and anything that you can do at that point that helps them stay ahead of that crop is worth a lot. It's peace of mind to the grower to know that things are going well, and sometimes you pick up on an issue that it could save him literally thousands of dollars.​

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