Working with Farmers

Hear from Seedsman Micah Rensink what he enjoys most about working with his growers.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Seedsman Micah Rensink enjoys helping growers manage their systems.
  • One of his main goals is to be sure growers’ production goals are met.

Why do you like working with your farmers?

The reason I get up every day to work with farmers or my growers is, helping them manage their system. How can I better their operation or is there something that I can learn from them to bring to another operation and be very helpful and be that resource? I really enjoy just the fact to interact and learn what they're doing and see if there's any ways we can improve, make their production goals met. Maybe they're shooting for 300 or 400 bushels of corn, heck, even 500 bushels of corn, and I can be that resource for them and that just really intrigues me and it's really exciting because there's a lot of new technology out there that can help them get to that next level.

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