Our Innovation Starts By Listening.

Seedsmen, Not Salesmen.

Channel Seedsmen walk your fields to bring insights to our team of world-class Bayer plant breeders. Their knowledge inspires our product development and selection. Seedsmen listen to your needs to help develop next-generation solutions for your success.

Hear the Difference.

Goss’s Wilt spread throughout the Corn Belt years ago. After Seedsmen quickly reported these findings, Bayer seed breeders were able to develop a new product lineup to combat this issue.

Extreme weather conditions left fields in the Western Corn Belt ridden with green snap intolerance. With access to Bayer leadership and diligent listening, Gary Sorenson was able to deliver new and stronger products to his customers.

As a corn product manager, Paul Ibberson has a firsthand perspective on how the Channel brand sets itself apart from the competition. He believes Channel has an advantage, and it starts with the Seedsmen. 

Your Field Has a Story. Let’s Hear It.

We want to hear from you. How are your field conditions? Do you have any questions about your crop? Tweet us at @ChannelSeed.

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