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Time to Focus on Net Profits

When it comes to the commodity markets and profitability, 2019 has been a roller-coaster ride for producers. With spring insurance prices of $4 for corn and $9.54 for soybeans, prices in the winter weren’t terrible by any means. However, as I write this column in mid-May, profit margins look to continue to tighten.

Evaluate Field Health to Prioritize Harvest and Preserve Yield

Because most of the Corn Belt experienced wet spring weather, Channel Seedsmen are on the lookout for disease pathogens that can stress corn and significantly reduce corn yields. Disease pathogens that are visible in corn fields now have been lurking in soils and field debris since planting.

Channel Seedsman Consider Product Placement All Year Long

For Channel Seedsmen, product evaluations happen all season long. Here’s what Channel Seedsman have to say about placing products on local farms and fields.

Field Check Up Series Visits Take To The Sky

Expanded offerings from Climate FieldView™ are helping Channel Seedsmen enhance the service and expertise they provide to farmers through Channel Field Check Up Series visits.


How To: Push & Pinch Test

Evaluate fields periodically after pollination to check for stalk rot and lodging issues. Walk a zigzag pattern through the field and check 20 plants in five random locations. Healthy stalks are firm and cannot be compressed. If a stalk feels soft, it is likely prone to lodging.

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