Congratulations to this year’s yield winners.

We’re so excited for the many Channel farmers who registered outstanding yield numbers this year. Great job on awards well won. Here’s to another great season. 

National Sorghum Producer Winners

Congratulations to First Place National Sorghum Producers Winners - Brant and Amy Peterson, who achieved the top yield entry in 2022 and Top 10 in history.

Name State Brand Blend Yield
Brant & Amy Peterson KS Channel 6B95 254.80
Bob Pawlowski NY Channel 5R45 134.15

NCGA State Winners

Name State Brand Blend Yield
Travis Daves CO 195-85 Conv 72.9776
Keith Christadore CT 203-01STXRIB 274.6205
Louis Herman Lipton CT 207-27 Conv 270.7590
Jacob Lipton CT 192-10STXRIB 264.0429
Michael Logue CT 210-46STXRIB 290.9603
Jason Greenwell KY 214-78DGVT2PRIB 296.4587
Sarah Henry MA 205-70STXRIB 263.9241
Jack Letourneau MA 199-29STXRIB 243.1622
Matthew Llewelyn MA 199-11STXRIB 252.9813
Wanda Llewelyn MA 199-11STXRIB 297.2366
William Edward Llewelyn MA 199-29STXRIB 299.2536
Frederick Llewelyn MA 199-29STXRIB 306.8347
William Llewelyn MA 199-60STXRIB 260.9281
Brian Llewelyn MA 197-68STXRIB 232.5938
Tyler Bartlett ME 189-64STXRIB 239.3240
Matthew John Blodget ME 189-64VT2PRIB 214.4378
James Hillton ME 185-30STXRIB 211.7242
Tyler Poeschl SD 213-19VT2PRIB 263.4595
Joe Umble WY 197-66VT2PRIB 229.5925
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