Introducing Bayer PLUS Rewards

Earn More on Every Acre

More Ways to Earn

Channel® has partnered with Bayer PLUS Rewards to help you earn money back on eligible crop protection purchases. Designed to give you more ways to earn, this new rewards program allows you to choose from a larger portfolio of eligible products to help you be more profitable. With a broader portfolio, every decision delivers money you can count on. All you have to do is sign up.

How It Works

It’s more than just a rewards program. The broad portfolio of high-performance products from Bayer is built to help you meet your toughest challenges with more choice and flexibility than ever. Choose crop protection products that are right for your farm — and earn rewards on eligible purchases along the way. With Bayer PLUS Rewards, you own the decision, the rewards and even how you use them. That’s the advantage of more control in your hands. That’s the PLUS.

Bayer PLUS Rewards maximizes your incentives when you purchase eligible products across multiple categories. Incentives apply to the highest number of shared acres between categories.

Product Portfolio Incentives

bayerplus incentives

Roundup/XtendiMax Incentives


Qualify for either a product portfolio incentive or Roundup/XtendiMax incentive | Earn an additional + $.50/A for each eligible Agronomic Add-On.

Only eligible product purchases will qualify. Incentives will be calculated starting with the highest acre product. 

Program Product Categories Include:

With So Many Choices, It's Easy to Earn More. 

And It's Easy to Sign Up. 

Three Reasons Bayer PLUS Rewards Works Better for You

Bayer PLUS Rewards incentives are designed to earn you more on every acre.

bayer plus more choices

More Choices

Bayer PLUS Rewards offers a broader, more versatile portfolio of incentive-eligible products.

bayer plus more access

More Access

Track your rewards on any device in season and decide how you want to use them.

bayer plus more money

More Money

Rewards keep growing with Bayer PLUS Rewards. Making sound agronomic decisions and doing what's best for your farm earns you more.

Your new rewards program is waiting for you.