VT Triple PRO® Technology

Multiple Modes of Protection

Farmers choose  VT Triple PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend to get the same above- and below- ground insect protection of VT Triple PRO® corn​ with the time-saving convenience of a refuge-in-a-bag solution for the corn growing area. Dual modes of action help protect your corn against corn earworm and other above-ground, ear-feeding insects while an additional, single mode of action provides protection from below-ground pests like corn rootworm.

A Simple Refuge-in-a-Bag Solution

VT Triple PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend is a mix of 90% traited and 10% refuge seed, providing a convenient solution that gives the protection you need. With refuge-in-a-bag, there's no need for you to calculate or plant separate, structured refuge in the corn growing area. Just pour it in your planter and go.

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