Seedsmanship At Work®

The Input Only Channel Can Offer

Going the Extra Mile(s)

Lake View, Iowa

Channel Seedsman Andrew Phillips only wants success for his customers. If that means delivering seed to his Iowa farmers or paying them a visit during planting to check field conditions and share some advice, he's there to make their job easier. Contact your local Seedsman to see how they can help you achieve success for your operation.


EP 1

Father and Sons Partner for Performance

Morganfield, Kentucky

EP 2

Prepping Farmers for Planting Success

Elsberry, Missouri

EP 3

In It Together

Williamsport, Indiana

Experience Seedsmanship on Your Farm

With farming, you get out what you put in. At Channel, we believe in going above and beyond for you — we call it Seedsmanship at Work®. You'll experience Seedsmanship through your Channel Seedsman, who will make regular visits to your farm through the Channel Field Check Up Series. See how adding the input of a Seedsman can help your operation gain a potential performance advantage.


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