Grain Marketing

Making Sense of Grain Markets

Our commitment to providing you with expert advice goes beyond what happens in your fields. Channel offers you exclusive access to expert grain marketing information and tools — backed by grain marketing expert Matt Bennett — helping you better understand the markets so you can continue to maximize your profit potential after harvest.

Grain Marketing Expert Matt Bennett

Turning market information into real-world results requires the right Channel® grain marketing consultant. Matt Bennett is one of the industry's most respected grain marketing consultants who has decades of experience helping farmers turn information into results. Access a profitability calculator tool and sign up for ongoing tips and insights from Matt through text and email below.

Evaluate Your Profitability

Calculate your break-even point to develop a more targeted grain marketing strategy. Choose your crop, enter your input costs and find your farm’s profitability potential with a formula from trusted grain marketing expert Matt Bennett.

Find Your Break-Even Potential

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Get access to ongoing email communications covering current corn and soybean market information, plus exclusive industry insights and expertise from Matt Bennett.

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Start your morning off right with “Ag Over Easy,” the new podcast from Channel. Each episode delivers locally sourced insight from industry experts to give you a fresh perspective on all things agronomy. Join our host Janice Person as she serves up a hearty meal with equally hearty advice.

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