Population Optimizer

Find Your Optimal Planting Rate

Increase the performance and profitability potential for your fields with optimal planting population recommendations. Channel recommendations are powered by years of planting population testing data. Use these recommendations and work with your Channel Seedsman to maximize the potential of your Channel corn.

Learn more about the data that supports these recommendations.​

The purpose of the Population Optimizer is to help determine your optimal planting population. Population Optimizer results are estimates based on field testing conducted by Monsanto Company in an effort to model optimized economic plant population by yield environment by hybrid. Field testing is conducted across key corn growing regions in the U.S. following locally accepted commercial production practices. Data quality is assessed using statistical models for high accuracy of model fit. Results are reported by hybrid family and hybrids not listed indicate insufficient data currently available.  No results are guaranteed, and Monsanto Company, Channel Bio, LLC and any affiliates thereof hereby disclaim any liability related, directly or indirectly, to the application, or accuracy, of the results provided by the Population Optimizer.  Channel® and the Arrow Design® is a registered trademark of Channel Bio, LLC. ©2019 Bayer Group. All rights reserved.

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