Profitability Calculator

Take the Guesswork Out of Grain Marketing

A crucial step in maximizing your profit potential is to better understand where your grain marketing strategy fits into the market. Designed to help you determine your farm’s break-even and profit potential, Channel® brand's profitability calculator is a valuable tool for developing a targeted grain marketing strategy.

What You'll Need

Field Information
  • Grain price

  • Acres

  • Yield goal

Input Costs
  • Cash Rent/Land Cost

  • Chemical Cost

  • Fertilizer Cost

  • Seed Cost

  • Tillage and Equipment Costs 
  • Application Costs 
  • Combine/Harvest Costs 


How to Calculate

What to Expect

Simply choose your crop, enter market and cost information, and calculate your profitability potential.​​

In only five to ten minutes, you’ll complete the calculation steps and receive a PDF of your profitability.

Grain marketing expert Matt Bennett has the tools you need to understand the market.

This calculator is a tool to help project profitability potential. All profitability calculations are based upon the estimates and assumptions specified and/or the information provided by the user. It does not take into consideration differences in other variables (such as input costs, operational expenses or other discounts). No results are guaranteed, and Monsanto Company and its affiliates hereby disclaim any liability related, directly or indirectly, to the application, or accuracy, of the results provided by this calculator. Channel® and the Arrow Design® and Seedsmanship At Work® are registered trademarks of Channel Bio, LLC. ©2019 Bayer Group. All rights reserved.

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