Become a Trusted Advisor

As a Channel Seedsman, you’ll wake up each day with the knowledge that you are helping farmers achieve their goals. You’ll walk their fields and you’ll know their concerns. Not only will you be bringing farmers the traits and technology they want, you’ll be bringing them expertise that lays the groundwork for a long and mutually-beneficial relationship.

What does it mean to be a Channel Seedsman?

  • Knowing our customers and their fields
  • Knowing all we can about the newest seed technologies to get the most out of every acre
  • Delivering knowledgeable planting recommendations and expert advice
  • Providing elite seed products and customized service to help our customers reach their farming goals

Investing In Seedsmanship

At Channel, we’re committed to making the most out of every season by investing in our Seedsmen. Backed by Monsanto, Channel provides unrivaled access to the best education and training in the industry. Armed with innovative digital tools like Seedsman 360, our Seedsmen are positioned to deliver the experience that sets Channel apart.

Seedsman 360

Seedsman 360 is the newest tool to help Seedsmen deliver Seedsmanship year round. A companion during every stage of the Field Check Up Series, our iPad app helps Seedsmen understand their customer’s operation and needs, track important data throughout the year and deliver a professional proposal for the next season.

  • Quickly access and manage all customer information
  • Easily record observations, notes and media in the field
  • Produce a professional end-of-year proposal

A Season-Long Commitment

As part of our Field Check Up Series, Channel Seedsmen meet with their farmers throughout the growing season—and beyond—to diagnose issues, provide recommendations and help increase profitability. Your commitment and expertise during each stage of the season will give your customers confidence that they are getting the most out of every acre.



  1. Track field history
  2. Discuss planting expectations
  3. Evaluate field conditions
  4. Conduct stand counts
  5. Note insect issues


  1. Scout for nutrient deficiency
  2. Check for foliar disease
  3. Inspect for weeds
  4. Note insect issues


  1. Evaluate pollination
  2. Complete weed evaluation
  3. Dig and compare roots
  4. Evaluate node/root mass
  5. Collect soil samples
  6. Measure plant stands
  7. Recommend fungicides


  1. Estimate yields
  2. Develop harvest schedule
  3. Weigh side-by-sides
  4. Develop combine call list
  5. Evaluate harvest goals
  6. Provide Custom Crop Report

“I wanted to have more flexibility with my schedule and be able to sell a quality product to the farmers that I have been dealing with. Channel’s products and support team were the drivers for me to go to Channel instead of with any other seed companies.”


“The support has been great. Anywhere from agronomics, to business decisions, to logistics — It seems like there is always someone that's just a phone call away that really specializes in that area and will walk you through it.”


Join the team that’s making a difference

At Channel, every season is an opportunity to build a lifetime of farming success. We’re committed to making the most of each and every season, to help our customers maximize their profitability with expert advice, customized service and elite seed products. If you think you have what it takes to be the best of the best, contact us to learn about becoming a Channel Seedsman.

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